A MCG priority: Safety First!

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World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2021


Safety First. This expression, which we will never be tired to repeat, represents the top priority at MCG: the safety of all our Employees is what matters most, every day.

This is a commitment of all MCG team, with the aim of keeping all workstations and daily tasks as safe as possible, always! In this environment of constant cooperation, based on concrete measures and adjusted to the reality of the company, MCG…

  • Distinguishes the safest teams annually, based on audits carried out throughout the year on the safety of Employees’ workstations.
  • Regularly conducts inspections of all equipment and machinery.
  • Constantly reviews the risk assessment for each task and workstation.
  • Reinforces certified training in safe behaviours.
  • Promotes Safety Dialogues with all teams to integrate safety issues into their routines.

This Safety Management System is based on a coordinated strategy across the company and, in 2021, is directly involved in a very concrete objective: to achieve Certification by ISO 45001: 2018.

MCG has defined an action plan with all the necessary measures to achieve this goal, which is assumed as a strategic milestone for the company and will reinforce our main commitment: Safety First!

World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2021

On World Day for Safety and Health at Work (and every day!), MCG congratulates all its Employees for all their efforts in making our daily lives safer.

This year, this emblematic day focuses on «Anticipating, preparing and responding to crises – Investing now in resilient occupational health and safety systems».

The strong investment strategy in safety allows MCG to do just that: react quickly and effectively to crisis situations, like the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since 2018, MCG’s investment in safety and health at work has been of more than 1.3 million euros.