MCG launches its new Supplier management and communication platform


MCG Sourcing is the new MCG’s supplier collaboration platform designed to centralize and improve all supplier information management, as well as the processes of communication, disclosure of business opportunities and subsequent appointments.

Being in a final testing phase and due for release in September, MCG Sourcing brings several benefits to both the company and its suppliers, thus guaranteeing unique advantages in accessing new business opportunities.

This platform will be essential and mandatory in all MCG negotiation and purchasing processes, as well as in its relationship with suppliers, ensuring greater efficiency and transparency in these processes.

All MCG suppliers will soon receive MCG Sourcing’s instructions for use (when the platform is officially launched), and this initial information document has already been sent to all company suppliers.

We thank all our suppliers for their cooperation and participation in this initiative, aiming at creating more business and communication opportunities.

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MCG launches its new Supplier management and communication platform MCG