‘At MCG we learn new things every day.’

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Meet Ricardo Roque, MCG Industry Welding Engineer, and a little bit of his daily life at MCG in the management and execution of robotic welding processes.

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Ricardo Roque is one of the welding engineers in MCG Industry business unit projects involving robotic welding processes.

“Part of my job is to manage the production of the components that are currently being welded in robots and also the placement of new components in robotic welding. These components are still in manual welding processes and the main goal is to transfer them to robotic welding processes”, this MCG Collaborator explains to us.

Does your job allows you to continue to learn and be creative?

Since the day I joined MCG I have been learning new things practically every day. When I arrived I had not yet dealt with bending or welding or grinding…

Since then I’ve been working with all these processes and I feel comfortable working on all of them, mainly in terms of industrialization of new projects.

'At MCG we learn new things every day.' MCG

Do you remember any funny story at MCG?

I remember one day when I was programming a part for a welding robot and that part was made with stainless steel, so we have to put in the welding machine the proper gas.

With the stress to develop the program and put the part in the welding process, I started simply with the iron gas and wire.

The welding Team Leaders then made something like a diploma with my name and which signaled my beginner’s mistake.

'At MCG we learn new things every day.' MCG

What does it mean to be part of the MCG “family”?

Being part of the MCG “family” means being able to contribute every day so that the company can grow a little more.