Daniel Bento: ‘Maintaining high levels of quality is essential.’

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Daniel Bento, MCG Quality Laboratory Supervisor, shares with us how he faces the daily challenges the company presents to him. He also talks about the opportunities to evolve at MCG “for those who identify with the company’s values”.


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Daniel Bento works at MCG for 16 years and highlights something that fascinates him about the company’s Quality Laboratory activity: being able to closely observe the entire manufacturing process of a car part, identifying from the drawings itself where the part will assemble, how it will fit.

Improving what we do

“In the Laboratory there’s something that I like: we oversee projects from start to finish.

We witness the birth of parts, follow the initial steps of the parts, then go through the “puberty” phase of the parts, and all the problems inherent in puberty that each one has, and we always follow the life cycle of the part until it ends and is replaced by another.

In the Laboratory we can follow this cycle, all the parts from start to finish, and that has always been something I enjoyed participating in from the development to finishing things.

Daniel Bento: 'Maintaining high levels of quality is essential.' MCG

Sharing knowledge

Recently, in my new role more dedicated to supervising the Laboratory and the team, I started to realize that I am beginning to develop a special liking for being able to teach something to people, involving people, helping people to progress, and making people evolve.

It’s something that I particularly enjoy, sharing what I know in a way that helps me consolidate what I know and learn more.

Daniel Bento: 'Maintaining high levels of quality is essential.' MCG

Prioritizing quality

Quality itself is one of the differentiating factors of companies, and brands. And I think it’s normal for us to be able to identify the companies that are the big global brands.

Many of them are recognized for their quality. To maintain a quality work reflects in the quality of what we sell.

And it’s important, and I don’t think it’s a lie: we can understand that quality is one of the things that not everyone has access to at the same level, because quality comes at a cost, but the truth is that we are all willing when possible to acquire something with a bit more quality.

Because we feel good about it, whether it’s food, an object, equipment, or technology, whenever possible we always choose to invest in quality.

I think it’s essential, it’s differentiating, and for a company that is concerned with growth and sustainability, with a perspective of progress and the future, maintaining high levels of quality is always essential.

Daniel Bento: 'Maintaining high levels of quality is essential.' MCG

Learning to progress

It has always been important to feel I had access to new teachings, new learnings, and new training.

Most of it was provided by the company. And all these training sessions, at certain times perhaps I couldn’t see the impact they could have on my profession, on my professional career here within the company.

But the truth is that over the years, I started to realize that some of the training sessions that didn’t make much sense to me at the time, always bring up some tools and techniques, some knowledge, and then these end up being useful in our lives and our day-to-day.

It’s difficult for us to move forward if we always maintain the same level of knowledge. If we want to have a perspective of professional progression, making the company progress and consequently progressing with it, training is essential.

Daniel Bento: 'Maintaining high levels of quality is essential.' MCG

Embracing new challenges

I would like to think that my greatest challenge is yet to come. Currently, my biggest challenge, and this is something I need to hold on to, is feeling that my work contributes to the progression and development of the company.

Good relationships

Nowadays, with the size of the company, it’s very difficult for us to create relationships with everyone. Even when I joined, we were already a large number of people and it was difficult.

And even today, sixteen years later, I discover that I have people who have been working here for sixteen years with me and I still don’t know their names!

I think cultivating good relationships is part of the company culture, it’s also a reflection of the people who own the company. They are people with a strong culture of relating to others, and I think that’s a reflection and can be seen in the people who work here.

The factory mood in terms of relationships between people is extremely healthy. I think it was essential for my journey to have that good atmosphere with the people I worked directly with or with other people I inevitably ended up working with, from other areas.

We always managed, even in tense times and times of stress, to maintain that feeling of cordiality and respect for each other.

Daniel Bento: 'Maintaining high levels of quality is essential.' MCG

Working at MCG

Essentially, I think it’s important for us to identify with the company’s values.

Subsequently, I think we have to be open to the challenges presented to us, identifying with the values, and having that open spirit to challenges.

Being resilient, believing in ourselves, in the colleagues we work with, and in the company’s strategy.

And I think with that, we have essential elements to progress both professionally and as an individual.

In MCG, I found the balance and discomfort I needed to improve professionally and as an individual.

Daniel Bento: 'Maintaining high levels of quality is essential.' MCG