Fábio Duarte: ‘MCG is a company that is concerned about the future.’

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Fábio Duarte, Team Leader of the Infrastructure Maintenance team at MCG, introduces us to his daily life at the company and highlights the best part of his job: ‘always having something different to do means you’re always learning’.


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He has been working at MCG for five years and coordinates the work of the Infrastructure Maintenance team, the department that provides support to all manufacturing units and facilities within MCG’s industrial park.

In the first person, Fábio tells us about his career at the company and how good he feels working at MCG.

Learn to evolve

“When I first joined MCG, I had no prior experience. Everything I’ve learned has been through this company.

The initial phase is always a bit complicated until we become familiar with the work and the factories, but I think I was able to adapt to the company quickly.

Learning everything from scratch is always hard, but I had excellent “teachers” to guide me, some of whom have already retired from MCG.

Today, I can perform all the tasks assigned to me without any problem. I can handle any work, manage my team, and help others.

At MCG, we are always well-received, and we get along well. That’s half the way to ensure the work runs smoothly”.

Fábio Duarte: 'MCG is a company that is concerned about the future.' MCG

Improving what we do

“MCG invests heavily in people’s training, internally and externally, and for those willing to learn.

And I think this is very important because we are continuously evolving. We learn something new every day to be better tomorrow.

Just like it happened to me. I had no work experience, but I was able to evolve with a lot of determination”.

What motivates us

“The complexity of my work motivates me and knowing that there is a new challenge every day.

I can be in one part of the company, and the next minute, I get a call because there is an urgent need in another section, and we must drop everything…

Coordinating the team also motivates me a lot, which is something relatively new to me.

Some days are more complicated than others, but this is what I like, new situations.

Fábio Duarte: 'MCG is a company that is concerned about the future.' MCG

Something that infrastructure maintenance has going for it is that there are always different tasks to do, which means we are always learning something new.

Things we never thought we would have to do, but at that moment, we must think of a new plan to solve something we’ve never dealt before.

But this is something that is part of the learning process”.

Accept new challenges

“A big challenge was taking on the role of Team Leader because I had to learn how to manage my time better and coordinate more complex tasks with other teams in the factories”.

Fábio Duarte: 'MCG is a company that is concerned about the future.' MCG

Being part of something bigger

“I think MCG is a company that is concerned about the future. We have already started producing components for electric vehicles, for example, and as we all know, that is the future.

Many people think that MCG is only into the automotive industry, but we already have many new projects, such as train floors and chargers for electric vehicles.

If we continue to have projects related to electric vehicles, I am sure the company’s future is secured“.

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