Facts & figures that characterize MCG activity

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For more than 70 years, MCG has presented an innovative vision in product design, production, and supply chain integration to work with some of the largest OEM and TIER 1 car manufacturers.

Today, as an international company that also has a presence in other production areas, MCG reinforces its strong position worldwide daily and within a European industry that grows and improves even in times of opposition.

Here are some numbers from the day-to-day MCG that help give dimension to the magnitude of the projects carried out by the MCG automotive, MCG industry and MCG transportation business areas.

Facts & figures that characterize MCG activity MCG

  • 15,246 m3 of water collected by own means in MCG per year: the equivalent to seven full Olympic swimming pools.
  • 35,000 m2 of total area of MCG facilities in Carregado: the equivalent to ​​almost 3,5 football fields.
  • 2,000 meters, the total length of all floors produced by MCG transportation in 2019: that is five laps on an Olympic stadium!
  • 520 trucks leave MCG per year for the Autoeuropa factory: if all were aligned, they would fill the road from Carregado to Vila Franca de Xira, the closest city to MCG.
  • 2,308 hours of training given to MCG Employees per year: it would be enough to sail around the world… twice!
  • 23,500 tons of metal purchased by MCG in 2019: the total weight of 128 Boing 747 aircraft.
  • 197 thousand bolts used in the MCG industry assembly section per year: 4.5 times more than the number of inhabitants in the county of Alenquer, the municipality where MCG is based.
  • 37 thousand km traveled by some MCG transportation floors from production to the premiere location of the train they are destined for: that’s almost equivalent to a complete journey around the globe.
  • 35 million press blows (machines involved in the stamping processes for automotive components): the same number of heartbeats of an adult person for a year, on average.
  • 120 thousand km of laser cutting: the equivalent of three rounds to planet Earth on the Equator.
  • 350 tons of CO2 saved due to MCG’s production of solar energy.
  • 97 thousand recyclable cardboard boxes used in product packaging: enough to cover an area six times larger than Carregado, the town where MCG is located.
  • 1,285 km of welding wire consumed in this type of process: the distance between Carregado and Barcelona, ​​a Spanish city.
  • 44 thousand safety gloves used by MCG Employees: enough to wear all the inhabitants of the municipality of Alenquer.

The figures presented are accounted for on average for one year of activity and may correspond to approximate estimates.