‘It’s always good to embrace a new challenge.’

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After 32 years at MCG, Joaquim Diniz shows us what it’s like to embrace a new challenge as a process engineer at MCG Transportation.


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With more than three decades working in MCG Automotive engineering and manufacturing areas, Joaquim Diniz is now working as a Process Engineering at Metal5 [MCG Transportation], in machining and cutting.

Joaquim saw the change as an opportunity. “Initially this transition was a little nostalgic because it was 32 years at Metal2 [MCG Automotive]”, he confesses. “But it was good to embrace a new challenge”. He tells us a little bit more about his relationship with MCG.

'It's always good to embrace a new challenge.' MCG

Learn to move forward

“It has been a very good challenge, but as Metal5 already has a very positive and stable level of organization, this makes it easier for people to adapt to a new reality.”

“And, as I said earlier, I came with the intention of learning and then helping with my knowledge. We have done already very positive things.”

'It's always good to embrace a new challenge.' MCG

Good relationships are our heritage

“In terms of relationships between people, MCG basically works like a village where everyone knows each other. There are closer friendships, there are others not so close to each other.”

“But the moment there is a problem in MCG, people unite. It works like in a small town, where people all come together to organize a party, for the same goal. Here it happens a little bit.”

'It's always good to embrace a new challenge.' MCG

Improve what we do

“Yes, it’s important to always be learning, always evolving. Seeing new things, changing slightly from our natural habitat is good for us.”

“Having to go after new things is very important. And MCG has given those opportunities, to me and to everybody else, I think.”

'It's always good to embrace a new challenge.' MCG

We are all part of something bigger than us

“It’s nice to feel that I already made my part in the history of the company. I feel like that. And I feel like MCG is a part of my life, too.”

“It was a school for me because I started working here when I was 17 years old. It was a true school for me. That’s it, there’s not much more to say, we just feel like we’re part of it.”

'It's always good to embrace a new challenge.' MCG

Safety First

“Safety is a focus at MCG. It’s a focus and I think people have already internalized that focus.”

“Generally, all Employees comply, nowadays, and there is always a trend to improve and to solve any problems. I think we’re on the right track.”