José Tiago: ‘At MCG, people have opportunities to progress.’

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José Tiago, Welding Supervisor at the MCG Automotive production units, shows us a little about his everyday job and talks about how he sees MCG in terms of safety, training, continuous improvement, and the future.


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José Tiago has worked at MCG for over 6 years and is the spot welding section supervisor at the MCG Automotive production units.

What motivates him most about working at MCG is “the diversity of tasks he performs throughout the day”, something that also makes him seek “more knowledge to be able to perform his role better”.

Here are some of the topics we highlighted in the conversation we recently had with José Tiago:

Continuous learning

“There is always much more to learn especially because the welding area in MCG is vast.

We have spot welding, which is already well-established, but we also have a new welding line for a new customer that has brought new learning challenges, both for the operators and for me.

It is important regarding our philosophy of continuous improvement; we strive to learn something new every day because continuous training is always valuable.”

José Tiago: 'At MCG, people have opportunities to progress.' MCG

Improving what we do

“What we can see even from the new automated welding line currently in progress is that technology has greatly helped us improve.

Especially concerning the more repetitive tasks that are not as motivating for the operators.

We try to guide people towards a more technical path where they must learn to operate the robots.

Not so much doing the work that can be replaced by robots but rather controlling, managing, and making minor corrections to welding jigs and the robots’ work.”

José Tiago: 'At MCG, people have opportunities to progress.' MCG

Working safely

“We have all the conditions to work safely, but this makes us more critical of what we do.

We must also try to see if what we are doing and the tasks we are performing are being done safely.

If not, we always can do a risk assessment with the management and the safety team.

I think this is one of the aspects that has worked well, both in terms of risk assessment and in the personal protective equipment (PPE) provided to us to perform our work.

It’s very positive the importance that MCG places on safety.”

José Tiago: 'At MCG, people have opportunities to progress.' MCG

Evolving to progress

“Opportunities are given to people to progress within MCG itself.

I believe a person doesn’t have to look for another job or try to go to another company to develop professionally.

The aspect of safety is also relevant.

Not all companies attach this importance to safety; sometimes, they prioritize productivity over safety…”

José Tiago: 'At MCG, people have opportunities to progress.' MCG

Preparing the future

“Due to the diversification that has occurred at MCG, for example, at Metal5 [MCG Transportation], with the type of work done there, or with the new welding line at Metal1 [MCG Automotive], I think that diversifying our business more and more prepares us for a better future.”

José Tiago: 'At MCG, people have opportunities to progress.' MCG