MCG: 70 years of production for the whole world

MCG Stories

With over 70 Years of History, MCG is an international company dedicated to the development and production of solutions based on metal and other new-generation composite materials.

We present an innovative vision in product design, production, and integration of the supply chain. We supply products, components, and solutions to some of the largest OEM and TIER 1 manufacturers of automobiles and trains in the world, in addition to being present in other production areas.

Today more than ever, it is our national and international Customers, Suppliers, and Partners who help to reinforce MCG’s strong position worldwide and within a European industry that grows and improves every day, renewing itself. And during a period that might be considered the biggest challenge of our lives.

MCG is committed to working hard every day to grow, improve and innovate. this is the legacy of the founder Manuel da Conceição Graça a mission instilled in the company since the first day of MCG’s activity, 70 years ago.

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