‘MCG does everything possible to ensure our well-being.’

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Meet Tiago Carta, a metrology technician at MCG, and get to know a little bit of everyday life at the MCG Automotive Quality Laboratory.

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Tiago Carta works at MCG for four years, he’s a Metrology Technician.

The title of this short interview is this Employee’s vision of what the company does to ensure Safety at all the workstations, but it is also the feeling he has in relation to MCG’s activity in general.

In a pleasant conversation, we got to know a little more about Tiago’s days in the MCG Quality Laboratory:

Are you still learning at MCG?

Yes, of course. Every day we are challenged. Quite often we have to improvise and learn new methods of how the components are placed, and the doubts may sometimes come up either internally or from the customer.

In these cases, we have to reinvent ourselves and solve any possible measurement problems.

'MCG does everything possible to ensure our well-being.' MCG

Do you have the opportunity to pass on your knowledge?

If any company wants to grow, the knowledge must be transferred to others, to have great versatility between people who work directly or indirectly.

This is the only way for a company to be able to move forward.

'MCG does everything possible to ensure our well-being.' MCG

How do you describe MCG to family or friends?

I always say that MCG is a company that grows day after day, that is constantly reaching new standards.

I also say that this is a company that manufactures both metal parts for the automotive industry and for several other transportation markets.

'MCG does everything possible to ensure our well-being.' MCG

Do you feel that MCG cares about its Employees Safety?

Everything related to Safety is extremely important in our daily lives.

We work every day with dangerous objects and every day we want to get home safely, so, in this area, the company does everything possible to ensure our well-being.