‘MCG has not stopped, it is always looking for more.’

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Brigite Murteira, Quality Auditor at MCG, introduces us to his daily life and his relationship with the company.


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Brigite Murteira works at MCG since 2013 as a Quality Auditor in MCG Industry business unit projects.

“The importance of quality at MCG is mainly to guarantee customer satisfaction and also to guarantee the quality of the product so that we can acquire more projects in the future”, says Brigite, speaking of the responsibility of her daily work. “Because MCG has quality. And excellence in quality, in this case”.

What projects challenge you the most?

The ones for Siemens, in my opinion. These are the ones that give me the most pleasure to do, to inspect, to be on top of each process. From painting, bending and welding. It’s a whole world.

I’m talking about electric car chargers, one of the projects we’re manufacturing now. We have already also produced transformers for trains, it was also a very interesting project and in which I learned a lot. And I think my colleagues too.

'MCG has not stopped, it is always looking for more.' MCG

Do you feel like you keep learning something new every day?

I learn every day! I would be lying if I said no… Because every day there’s something new to see, there’s something new to do… There’s always something to learn. Ever.

How do you describe MCG?

When I say that I work at MCG, people think it’s a small company. But, MCG is already a very large company in this county.

And people don’t really understand what we do at MCG, the type of products… We don’t just make components for automotive industry… we make waste containers, pellet stoves, chargers for electric cars, transformers for trains, train floors. We have a wide range of products!

And the company is positively preparing itself for the future, as it is always looking for new customers, new solutions, new markets…

And those who work at MCG realize that the company has not stopped, that it is always looking for more. Outside, people don’t have this idea… they don’t realize that MCG is that big.

'MCG has not stopped, it is always looking for more.' MCG

Do you feel that there are opportunities to evolve?

Yes, I feel that MCG gives people opportunities for growth. But for that, people must want it. But yes, I feel that the company is watchful to these issues.

How is the relationship between people?

The relationship between people at MCG is very positive. We end up spending more time at MCG than we do at home, and we all must get along, don’t we? It’s all much healthier.

And it’s not just on a professional level. It’s on a personal level as well. I manage to balance my personal life with my professional life because I have two children.

Sometimes I need to be absent, to support my children, and the company never asked me any questions and never told me directly not to do it. MCG has never stopped me at this level and so I can keep up with the children.

'MCG has not stopped, it is always looking for more.' MCG

Did you get to meet Mr. Manuel da Conceição Graça?

He was a person we admired a lot, because despite his age, he was always in contact with us. If he saw us he always had a word to say, he never let us go without saying something. He always had something to say, he would stop and “mess” with us.