‘MCG is a company that invests in people.’

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Meet Elisabete Palhinhas, SQA Technician at MCG, and get to know a little bit of her daily life at the company.

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Elisabete Palhinhas’ story at MCG started on March 16, 2011, as she joined the purchasing team in the MCG Supply Chain department. “A team that helped me grow during nine years”, she says. “In the last five years that I worked on this team I was a buyer, and much of what I am today I owe to that team (and to me too!)”, says Elisabete.

Are you still learning at MCG?

At MCG it’s easy to learn because we always have a team with us that helps us to grow and to learn if we want to. I think we have the tools (and MCG gives us those tools) to learn, to evolve, if that’s our goal.

Is there a good relationship between people at MCG?

When we speak about the connection between our colleagues, it is easy to deal with each other. I think the big secret is that we are part of a team, that we can all work as a team.

If we manage to make that happen, the relationship between each one of us is better and makes it possible for us to achieve the goals that are set for us as a team.

Can you tell us any funny story?

One of the episodes that will stay with me for the rest of my life was getting to my office window and seeing our founder sitting in a golf cart (because he already had some mobility difficulties) and leaning against a metal container full of metallic components checking the parts that were being manufactured. I remember it like it was today.

When he realized that he was being seen and that we were trying to understand the situation, he said: ‘Come down here, because I need someone to explain to me where this is done, so I can understand the process’. We’re talking about Mr. Manuel [da Conceição Graça] at the age of eighty-something…

This is a memory that stays with me. He had this need even though he already had some mobility difficulties. He needed to be close to the business, to this organization, and he used the golf cart to go move around in the factories that he could no longer reach…

How do you describe MCG?

MCG is a company that invests in people. And that makes us feel part of the MCG team.

That’s why we can grow, learn and realize that this is where we want to be. And there is one point that I think is very important: MCG is always concerned about us, and with the well-being of the people that we care about, our family.

I think this is very important. When I joined MCG, my son was at an age where it was necessary to support him in school, to be at home, to accompany him. And I never had any limitation from MCG that made me not fulfill this mission as a mother.

And I think this is important. Knowing that we can accompany our children as they grow, accompany our family, without having anything that could harm us from our employer. On the contrary, they can support us. And I think that’s also very important.