‘MCG provides good conditions for people to learn and do better.’

MCG Stories

Nuno Simões, Manufacturing Supervisor at MCG, has been with the company since 1980 and every day he finds a challenge or a new idea at MCG.


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Nuno Simões is a Manufacturing Supervisor at MCG’s Metal 3 factory, one of MCG Industry’s manufacturing units. But when he arrived at the company, on November 4, 1980, he began his already long professional career “as a parts assembler for an assembly line for vans that existed at the time”.

Proud to work at MCG, he says that he has grown a lot within the company over time, he confesses that he is happy to be part of this “family” and tells us, in the first person, his MCG Story…

Accept challenges

“The main challenge that I accepted at MCG was therefore to lead Metal 3 [the MCG Industry manufacturing unit) as Manufacturing Director. I had days when I spent 18 and 20 hours at MCG, and it was my biggest challenge to date and I continue to work on it.”

'MCG provides good conditions for people to learn and do better.' MCG

How to be a good leader

“To be a good leader at MCG, we have to be humble, we have to set an example because employees tend to do things that we normally do. We have to be the example.”

“A good leader must have the team together. You must have the team with you at all times.”

'MCG provides good conditions for people to learn and do better.' MCG

Learn to progress

“Learning is not a problem for me, because every day I learn new things. And I also teach a lot of new things.”

“I can tell you that at the moment, at the age of 56, I have been studying English for over a year now. I didn’t know any English, to learn I went back to study. Learning doesn’t have to be a problem!”

“At MCG we provide good conditions for people to learn and do better. Every day I teach a lot, everything I know, I’m always telling how things are done. I go there, do it, and then the person does it.”

'MCG provides good conditions for people to learn and do better.' MCG

Improve what we do

“Some people are and others are not aware of the importance of learning. They do what they have to do and that’s it, move on.”

“But we have people who like to learn, want to learn, and are always asking how to do it. As a good teacher, I teach how to do it. Next time that person will be doing the job frankly well.”

'MCG provides good conditions for people to learn and do better.' MCG

How do you describe MCG?

“When I talk about MCG to friends, people usually don’t know about MCG. Some know the company’s name, but don’t know the company as it is.”

“I tell them that MCG has a lot of engineering, a lot of equipment, and a lot of technology. And some people are a little surprised because they saw MCG as a simple workshop.”

“And MCG is a very large company, with very good conditions to produce any type of product.”

The first day at MCG

“On the 4th of November 1980, I arrived for the first time at MCG. When I left the bus, I saw a woman that was also arriving at MCG. She started to look at me all the way from the bus station to the MCG entrance and when we both arrive at MCG, she asked me: ‘Hey kid, this is not the school entrance!’.”

“I felt ashamed and told her I was there to start working at MCG. And she told me: ‘For sure there is a mistake. You need to go to school, not to work’.”

“After that, we started a very good relationship, and she was like a mother to me at MCG. I learned a lot from her and we became very good friends.”

Feeling like we are part of something bigger…

“Being part of the MCG family for me is a great pride. I’ve been part of it for 42 years, and people have a lot of trust in me, even at the General Management level. I never let anyone down.”

“So MCG is a company that for me is everything…”