MCG Stories: ‘MCG gives people the opportunity to show what they’re worth.’

MCG Stories

Tiago Granada, a toolmaker at MCG Automotive assembly teams, tells us about his path in the company: challenges, learning, and trying to do a better job every day…


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At MCG for ten years, Tiago sees every day as a challenge that makes him “always evolve and learn”, and highlights the fact that he can contribute to the success of MCG’s major manufacturing projects.

Learn to evolve

“When I joined MCG, the youngest member of my team was around 48 years old. They were my “old men”, as I say.

But everything I know I learned from them, no doubt.

Despite belonging to the Assembly at Metal 2, I can be in Metal 1 analysing a problem and on the next minute I can be in Metal 4 or Metal 2. I’m constantly learning, always.

MCG Stories: 'MCG gives people the opportunity to show what they're worth.' MCG

All my leaders and the company as a all, have always allowed me to evolve every day, to grow.

New projects taught me other working methods, and how to operate with different types of machinery that we have here: CNCs, grinding machines, etc…

But it’s also a part of me (and I can’t underestimate that…) the fact that I’m always open to learning. And I love everything they can teach me.

Improving what we do

“Continuous improvement have always existed, of course, but in recent years it has taken a different focus.

MCG Stories: 'MCG gives people the opportunity to show what they're worth.' MCG

People are very concerned about doing their work better and finding processes and ways to do it faster and better.

Undoubtedly there has been a focus on continuous improvement, speaking for my team. And that makes perfect sense.”

Safety first

“I have to give credit to the MCG Safety Team in particular, but I also have to give credit to us, to all my colleagues.

MCG Stories: 'MCG gives people the opportunity to show what they're worth.' MCG

As our Managing Director has always said, safety comes first. And safety comes from us. But the MCG Safety Team is doing an exceptional job.

This must be “graphically” proved, but in recent years we had far fewer accidents and fewer problems. Working positions, lifting weights… It all improved pretty well.”

Meaningful relationships

“If we look closely, we see that we spend much more time in the company than with our own families at home.

If we come here angry and we’re upset with each other, things won’t go the same way.

MCG Stories: 'MCG gives people the opportunity to show what they're worth.' MCG

I think if we all bond as colleagues with each other, everything will be much easier and much more beneficial for both the company and us.

When there is a problem, we speak as a team. And when there is something good, a compliment, a good job, we also recognize it.

We talk among ourselves and so there are never any quarrels or words to say because everything is solved at the moment and everything is always fine. We intend that all is ok.”

Look towards the future

“First, and starting from our General Manager, I think that we have a well-planned future, and we are always on the market to see where we have to go.

Speaking about all my colleagues in the different factories, I think that we have all been developing new skills and we are all prepared to work at another level.

MCG Stories: 'MCG gives people the opportunity to show what they're worth.' MCG

A few years ago I heard a phrase said by our General Manager at a Christmas dinner and the message stuck with me because I thought it was funny.

It was like this: ‘Times are difficult and Europe will make us tremble. But the main goal is that we try to make Europe tremble”. And I think that’s exactly how we have to think.”

Being a part of MCG

“MCG is a big company, with a giant structure and with a very promising future, I believe.

And it is gratifying to be part of this company. Let’s hope it stays that way for a long time.

We were able to teach young people as well as older people. We give everyone opportunities to learn.

Nowadays (it’s sad, but it’s reality), a person aged 50 hardly enters the job market again.

The “boss” look at that person as someone who won’t be able to work for many years, and doesn’t have the same physical capacity.

And this is one of the things I like the most here: MCG gives people the opportunity to show what they’re worth, regardless of age.

This is a company that has all the foundations to be ten years from now even bigger than it already is.

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