MCG Stories: ‘We have people who know how to teach us what they know.’

MCG Stories

Jorge Humberto, Quality Auditor at MCG Transportation, tells us about his journey of more than 34 years in the company: a great challenge, constant learning, good relationships with the entire team…


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At 55 years old, Jorge Humberto seems to have the same energy he had when he joined MCG in 1989…

Especially because recent times have been challenging: after several years in the automotive field, he works now as a Quality Auditor in the manufacturing of floors for buses and trains. And he really likes what he does every day…

Accept new challenges

“I was always in the automotive area until I accepted the challenge of helping the quality department in the composites area for a few afternoons (an employee was absent at the time…), in the buses and trains floor section.

And it’s interesting because I started to like the area. And now I love what I’m doing. I think this last year is equivalent to ten years of work.

I love this area and for me, it has been great. In every way: personally and professionally.

The connection with colleagues is also exceptional, it’s an amazing team and I’m loving this job at Metal5 [MCG Transportation business unit]“.

MCG Stories: 'We have people who know how to teach us what they know.' MCG

Improving what we do

“We always evolve throughout life; in everything we do. Only if we don’t want it to be that way, right? Even more when you like what you’re doing…

As things started to go very well for me and I started to like what I was doing, I’m trying to evolve more and more, naturally.

Our superiors are also very knowledgeable people, so every day we are evolving and doing new things.

New challenges, new projects… And this is a constant evolution“.

MCG Stories: 'We have people who know how to teach us what they know.' MCG

Learn to evolve

“When I joined MCG 34 years ago, there were already plenty of courses to take all the time. I took many courses, already 34 years ago.

And now the evolution was “one thousand percent”. Everything has evolved dramatically. Just don’t move forward who doesn’t want to.

We have courses, we have the training, we have people with the know-how to do their job and who know how to tell us what we need to do and what we need to improve.

It is fundamental. And things have evolved, we have an excellent team made up of people with the ability to teach and make us evolve“.

MCG Stories: 'We have people who know how to teach us what they know.' MCG

Safety First

“Many years ago there was no safety department at MCG or anything like that. We were as careful as we had to be, as human beings, not to hurt ourselves, but there was nothing like this scale, this structure that we have today created at MCG, which is a real thing.

With constant monitoring of all situations, of the workstations, of what we have to improve. We have a structure nowadays as it should be and everything works well“.

MCG Stories: 'We have people who know how to teach us what they know.' MCG

Meaningful relationships

“Here it happens as in our daily life outside, everywhere people are all equal, naturally. We have people who bring their problems to the company and get in trouble.

And then we have other people who manage to get away from it all and who manage to live the day serenely and with positive thinking.

I think I fit into this last group of people. I never bring personal problems to the company, I’m a good-natured person, and I think everyone agrees with that.

I try to fulfill my mission in this company and from then on I think that, in 34 years, I have never had a single problem here at MCG“. 

Being a part of MCG

“People out there have no idea what this company is, they have a different idea of ​​MCG.

Only when we show them – and this is just an example – the magazine, for example, and that we work for major customers and brands, that we have this infrastructure, all this equipment (robots, etc), these machines with great potential, only then do the people ask: ‘But Manuel da Graça [name by which MCG is known locally] is all that?! I had no idea that the company was something like this…’“.

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