MCG Stories: ‘We all have to be in tune to work as a team.’

MCG Stories

Anabela Alves, MCG Automotive Auditors Quality Team Leader, has been with the company for 17 years and tells us about challenges, learning, and how good relationships at MCG make work more pleasant.


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Anabela Alves is the “protagonist” of another episode of our MCG Stories video series.

The Quality Auditors Team Leader at the MCG Automotive business unit tells us about new challenges, how new technologies help people to increase productivity, and good relationships that improve teamwork.

Accept new challenges

“During all these years at MCG I went through several important stages and in all of them there we were always learning.

It’s a path that is being made, it’s a journey, and the knowledge remains.

Lately, the biggest challenge I have is related to an important MCG Automotive project.

I had to do some training, I had to go back to school, and pick up books again. After 22 years, this has not been easy.

We now work with some new equipment and it’s always a new learning experience for us.

These are new concepts. After so many years there has been a great evolution in our company.”

MCG Stories: 'We all have to be in tune to work as a team.' MCG

Learn to evolve

“We have projects that require a 100% inspection of all parts, which requires great knowledge among everyone.

From operators to us auditors, we all have to be in tune to work as a team.

And we all learn every day because situations are never the same.”

The importance of leadership

“Managing a team is a big responsibility. I try every day to work with the team to always be there to support them because it makes no sense to be any other way.

I’m always trying to make the team feel that they have always someone to support them.”

Improving what we do

“New technology is helping a lot increasing the company’s productivity.

Each new process has a new path, we can produce more and we are able to guarantee the quality of the components right away.

People at first may be a little apprehensive about this, as it is with anyone. We are always afraid of what is new and we are always afraid of making mistakes…

But then, with the habit, technology is part of it, it doesn’t seem like something that came in now, it seems that it was already part of our daily lives.”

MCG Stories: 'We all have to be in tune to work as a team.' MCG

Look towards the future

“A bright future? This is one of those things that we can’t say it will always be like this.

I believe in a bright future for MCG because during all these years we never gave up in difficult times.

So I assume that the future will always be one step at a time, but facing all challenges in the best way possible.”

Meaningful relationships

“For the time that we all spend with each other here at MCG, it feels like we’re a family.

There is always more affinity with some people than others, but, in general, we all try to work as a team for the good of our company.”