‘We have a good relationship between teams and we help each other.’

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Meet Isabel Gregório and get to know a little bit of her daily life in the MCG Industry welding team preparing kits.

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Isabel Gregório works at MCG for four years. She came to MCG to work at Metal 3 [MCG Industry business unit], in the Assembly 1 section, later moving to the mechanisms section. Isabel is now in the welding team preparing kits.

'We have a good relationship between teams and we help each other.' MCG

Are you still learning at MCG?

I have learned a lot. Over time I learned and evolved until I became an Operator Coordinator in these roles. I think I learned a lot and I also worked for it.

Even on a training level, the online courses that the company place on the [MCG B-Learning] platform are a good learning experience for us.

It’s all very useful: I didn’t know much about what happens in the other plants [at MCG] and now I know more about it.

What is your biggest challenge at MCG?

Moving parts with overhead cranes! I took this training recently and that was my biggest challenge since the parts are really big, especially the parts for waste containers and platforms [two products manufactured in MCG Industry] and I had to move them. This has been my biggest challenge until today here at MCG.

How do you describe MCG to someone?

First of all, I say it’s a family business. Most of the people who work here are from this region and we know each other very well. We have a good relationship between teams and we help each other.

When I talk about MCG to some friends and family, I talk about the products that we make here. Waste containers, car parts, things that are used on a daily basis.

And not only that! I also talk about machines for casinos [money management]. I never imagined how it was possible to manufacture it and ended up getting to know this product here. The design and manufacturing of the box for this product are very interesting.

That’s the kind of stuff I say and I think it’s really funny to talk about it.

Do you enjoy what you do?

Yes, I like it a lot. Not only the work I do but also the communication with colleagues and the day-to-day with everyone. Talking about what we do, what needs to be done…

I’m happy in MCG! What I have to say is that I am happy here in what I do.