The first Aptis bus with floors made in MCG is already in circulation

MCG transportation

The first Aptis unit was recently delivered to Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois by Alstom. But the service beginning of this 100% electric Alstom bus is also a special moment for MCG: one of the differentiating bases of Aptis is the large structural floor produced by the MCG transportation teams.

MCG is delighted to see the result of an intense product development process that took three years and that included multiple engineering simulations, validation tests, and prototypes.

MCG transportation is today a proud part of the Alstom‘s supply chain system and this is a project that endows MCG teams with even more extensive know-how in the development, certification, and production of floor systems for trains and buses.

The use of different materials, technologies and solutions is at the service of a single output and objective: to successfully satisfy the increasingly demanding needs of each client.

Among the production processes of this pavement system based on composite materials is a very complex operation: the bonding of panels with dimensions of 8.5 x 2.4 meters, possible only due to the precision, advanced technologies, and experience of the teams of MCG production.

MCG transportation presents itself with a range of competitive and integrated solutions for train and bus interiors. Take a look at the evolution of the Aptis project at MCG: