‘MCG teams are always available for any improvement suggestions.’

MCG transportation

The testimony of Alstom welding experts about MCG Transportation and how it continues to assert itself as a trusted partner in train sets and systems manufacturing.


In addition to working in floor systems development for trains and buses, MCG Transportation continues to assert itself as a reliable partner in the production of other systems for trains.

Floors for trains with or without heating technology are a product with credits already established in the portfolio of MCG transportation engineering and production teams. The co-development methodology that is used with the customers, supporting the design and engineering from the beginning, to find the right and most profitable solution, is a factor that makes the difference.

But this MCG business unit is also a strong partner in the manufacturing of other sets for trains, with new projects advancing at a good pace throughout this year.

One of the projects is related to the development of cabin structures and end walls for driverless metros which, from 2023 onwards, will operate on the Marseille metro lines, in France. A project by Alstom for the Métropole Aix-Marseille-Provence operator.

Certified welding

Alstom’s welding specialists highlight “the transparency and constructive discussions” as a key asset of MCG transportation’s teams. “The welding quality in the previous production project for the MP14 end wall proved to be quite high”, they say, and that gives our customers the confidence to “develop more complex components with MCG”.

“The relationship between Alstom and MCG is excellent. We work together to achieve the desired quality standards and all MCG teams are always available for our questions and suggestions for improvement”, claims Alstom about MCG.