MCG closely accompanies installation of heated floors of the Metropolis metro

MCG transportation

MCG transportation was recently in the city of Chenai, India, to participate in the FMR (First Mounting Review) process for the first two carriages of the Alstom Metropolis, a metro that Réseau Express Métropolitain de Montreal will put into circulation later this year in this Canadian city.

The visit to the Alstom India facilities is part of one of the stages of the production of 212 heated floors developed entirely by MCG transportation.

The teams of engineers of this business unit had the opportunity to closely monitor the installation of the floors produced at MCG and to support the manufacturer’s assembly teams in India. T be noted that MCG is the first supplier of heated floors in this Alstom plant.

Over the course of three days, MCG and Alstom had the possibility, together and in a healthy collaboration environment, to identify various opportunities for improving the floors produced. A good example of this is related to the special product packaging, designed by MCG to more robustly resist road transport on complex local roads.

Another of the objectives accomplished during the visit was the convey of information between both parties and the training of Alstom technicians in the installation and connection of the electrical system of the floor. This process was a complete success, which approves the continuity of production of the following units at MCG transportation facilities.

At a pace of rapid growth, MCG transportation is today one of the leading suppliers of components and systems for train interiors with the world’s largest manufacturers in this business area.

Alstom is one of these major global players, with several projects in production at MCG: