MCG transportation integrates new R&D project FERROVIA4.0

MCG transportation

MCG transportation, MCG’s business division dedicated to the development and production of interior systems for the railway and bus industry, is part of the consortium of the FERROVIA4.0 R&D project.

FERROVIA4.0 involves the development of new digital and high-tech components for the different aspects of the railway industry, particularly focused on sustainability, energy management, and digitalization.

With the strong experience of the MCG teams in this area, MCG transportation will have an active contribution to the development of:

  • A new generation of heated, independent, and self-regulating flooring that will work at low voltage, a characteristic that makes this solution safer and with less constructive requirements from the electrical point of view and routine testing.
  • New ceiling panels or modular partitions, with the integration of sensors and new features, and using sustainable materials in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation. A solution that continues the MCG transportation work in the Iris project.
  • A new structure for a suburban train seat that will be designed by the FERROVIA4.0 consortium. An area in which MCG transportation demonstrates experience in developing the seat for trains of the Modseat project.

The project has as main objective the development of different components, tools, and systems that will be tested on real infrastructures oriented towards the economic and ecological sustainability of the railway system, reducing operational and maintenance costs and providing support to management decision making assets and to the creation of security platforms.

It is also the ambition of the project to ensure that cybersecurity technologies and methodologies are incorporated into the structure of information and communication technologies of the railway system, in order to avoid unwanted intrusions.

Among the 22 companies and entities that co-drive the project and that integrate the consortium, which is coordinated by Efacec, we find MCG partners in other R&D projects such as Instituto Superior Técnico, Almadesign, Itecons, and INEGI, for example, as well as the FPF – Associação da Plataforma Ferroviária Portuguesa.