MCG transportation: new bonding booth for train and bus floors

MCG transportation

The MCG transportation business division shows sustained growth in terms of commercial, engineering and production operations, and today it is a strong supplier of floors for trains and buses for several world manufacturers, also developing other types of systems for the interior of these vehicles.

Accompanying this evolution, this MCG business area is already fully functioning in the new facilities recently completed, having made a robust investment in human resources, as well as in equipment of large dimensions.

New bonding booth

Floor bonding processes for trains and buses are now more automated and are developed inside the new bonding booth, with controlled temperature and humidity and flexible, integrated and computer-controlled production cycles.

This is one of the main work areas of a completely new production unit, which provides better working conditions for all MCG Employees involved in these projects, without forgetting the departments of quality, process engineering and logistics, now in new offices and more close to the production spaces.

Investing in modernization

Given the demand and growth of MCG transportation projects, the company continues to invest in new equipment and robotic systems. The new facilities recently received several automated systems, such as the new composite cutting router and the automatic floor bonding system for trains and buses floors.

The main objectives are to increase productivity levels and allow people who work at MCG, who are the company’s most important resource, to be allocated to functions with greater added value. In addition, the use of increasingly automated and robotic systems also helps to increase safety levels and the company’s overall competitiveness.

Various technical tests, which are part of the production processes of the floors, can now be carried out in-house and during industrialization and project life. These tests are in most cases of dimensional and geometric order but can also pass checks of electrical parameters in the case of floors with heating system included.

Young and highly qualified teams

“The irreverence of a young team, willing to win and also to leave its mark on the future of MCG”, capable of ensuring “permanent technical and technological evolution”: António Coelho says that these are the bases that “facilitate growth and help to meet the needs of customers”.

The Director of the MCG transportation business unit, in view of the global interior development market for vehicles that transport high volumes of passengers, also guarantees that “the key is the ability to innovate in the products supplied and the service provided, always looking for excellence and competitiveness in the solutions offered to the customer”.