Metropolis goes into circulation with heated floors made in MCG

MCG transportation

The first carriages of the metropolitan Alstom Metropolis that integrate heated floors developed and produced by MCG transportation are already delivered and in circulation in Montreal.

This is a transport vehicle that Réseau Express Métropolitain begins to operate in this Canadian city and whose installation of heated floors was closely monitored by the teams of MCG transportation engineers, at the Alstom factory in India.

The driverless carriages of this metropolitan are adapted to the harsh winter atmospheric conditions in Canada, including components such as door sills, windshields, and heated floors, for example.

It is precisely this last component that has MCG production, based on advanced processes and in a constant collaboration with the customer from the first day of development.

At a pace of rapid growth, MCG transportation is today one of the leading suppliers of components and systems for train interiors for the world’s largest manufacturers in this business area.