New MCG transportation project in floors for trains production

MCG transportation

MCG, through its MCG transportation business area, was selected by the Alstom-EKZ joint venture to develop and supply the heated floors for the KZ4T and KZ8T locomotives for future circulation in Kazakhstan.

This new business represents an added challenge for the MCG engineering teams: the floor heating system will have to work efficiently under extreme conditions that in winter can reach temperatures of minus 50 degrees. In addition, the entire floor must be certified according to Russian GOST standards.

The development of this product will take place throughout the year 2020 and following the usual MCG approach: offering the customer a complete and optimized solution in terms of product design, engineering, and production, according to their specific needs.

In 2021, production of 100 floors will begin for two different types of locomotives: one for the KZ8T, a freight train traction locomotive, and another for the KZ4T, a passenger train traction unit.

This is another MCG transportation project that reinforces MCG’s position in a restricted set of top global industries that are prepared to supply products to any part of the globe.

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New MCG transportation project in floors for trains production MCG