MCG employees successfully complete training at ATEC


In the course of MCG’s policy of continuous improvement and training, seven of its Employees have recently successfully completed ATEC’s Introduction to Automations training.

Lasting 14 hours, the training’s as its main objectives are to know and identify the operation of the automatisms, identify the symbology associated with them, and read and interpret related schemes.

Likewise, trainees are also able to characterize the functions of each element of an automatism, as well as to detect and repair simple malfunctions.

Presenting prior knowledge of mechano-technics, electro-technics, and electricity, MCG Employees who participated in this Introduction to Automation training were Diogo Reis, Pedro Franco, Pedro Carloto, Nelson Simãozinho, Ricardo Martins, Ricardo Roque, Rui Teixeira, and Daniel Sousa.

“I highlight the excellent performance of the graduates from MCG. It is gratifying to have people working cooperatively and in groups in such an effective and interactive way”, says Joaquim Sapateiro, the ATEC trainer responsible for the action. “Together we were able to overcome the training objectives, the trainees formulated very pertinent questions that led to very interactive training. The attitude and dedication were exemplary”, he adds.

Nelson Vaz, ATEC commercial consultant, attests to the importance that MCG gives to the training of its Employees. “Just as in its activity it puts the customer at the center of its attention, so in its Human Resources strategy, MCG privileges the quality of training so that it can be positive and differentiating”, he explains. “Therefore, for ATEC it is a privilege to be one of the companies selected to invest in the development of MCG people”.

The training took place at the Carregado Vocational Training Technology Center. MCG’s facilities are also located in Carregado, near Lisbon, Portugal.