“Working with MCG has been a unique opportunity”


In a direct speech, Prof. António Tadeu, the Chairman of the Board of ITeCons, tells us how MCG presents itself as an effective and responsible partner in all R&D projects in which both entities participate.

And there are several projects that MCG keeps running in this area and in which ITeCons – Institute for Research and Technological Development for Construction, Energy, Environment and Sustainability (based in Coimbra, Portugal), provides applied research, testing and consultancy services.

How has MCG been doing in the R&D projects of which ITeCons is part of?

MCG has shown a great sense of responsibility at all levels. The company recognizes the importance of research in its growth strategy while showing high experience and deep knowledge in its area of specialization. It has been a unique opportunity to collaborate with MCG.

What skills do you recognize in MCG’s R&D teams?

In addition to the experience and knowledge already mentioned, we highlight the multidisciplinary nature of the team and the motivation to embrace new projects. We also recognize a very practical view in pursuing the objectives. Allow us to highlight the knowledge and leadership of Eng. António Coelho.

What can MCG add to each research and development project?

A strong component of research and development, no doubt about that. Challenges have been launched that are above the state of the art, which require the development/application of new experimental methodologies and the development of new models for numerical simulation of physical and mechanical phenomena.

“Working with MCG has been a unique opportunity” MCG

R&D projects in which MCG and ITeCons collaborate:

IRIS Project

One of MCG transportation’s latest R&D projects. The IRIS Project aims to develop prototypes of sub-systems for train interiors other than floors: roof panels, sides, luggage racks, HVAC ducts and interactive windows.


NewGenShell is a project based on research, design, development, prototyping and validation of a new concept of climate boxes (with isothermal enclosures) with integrated air conditioning modules. These test chambers are large enough to fit in a car.


A project in the trains and buses interiors area, CoMMUTe consisted of developing a prototype of a modular and multifunctional heated floor for installation in intercity and regional trains. MCG already uses this technology in some final products of MCG transportation business division.