Privacy Policy

Here you will find the official privacy policy documents that guide MCG’s action as a manufacturing company under contract that is dedicated to the development and production of products and solutions based on metal and other new generation composite materials.

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1. MCG Commitment

Manuel Conceição Graça, Lda (hereinafter referred to as MCG), legal person number 500854270, headquartered in at Rua Manuel da Conceição Graça, nº 5, 2580-462 Carregado, recognizes the importance of protection and processing of personal data, which is why it has
developed a set of measures in order to ensure your privacy and to the security protection of your data.

2. What is the scope of this Policy?

This privacy policy applies to all personal data collected:
a) Through the MCG website;
b) During the visit to MCG’s facilities;
c) Through any other digital or physical form.
This policy describes how MCG collects, uses and protects all personal data you provide. By providing personal information, you are aware and consent to the use of such data, which will be stored and processed by computer. The processing of this data will be following all applicable
laws in force.
From time to time, MCG’s website may include links to other websites that are external to MCG. The availability of such links is made in good faith and MCG cannot be held responsible for the collection and processing of personal data made through such websites. The Company does not assume any responsibility for such websites, including their accuracy, credibility, and features available in them.

3. What personal data is collected?

Personal information such as name, address, e-mail address, telephone contact and date of birth. Your data will be processed by MCG and this Policy aims to provide information on how information is collected and used. None of this information will be made available, sold or shared
with third parties, nor used to purposes other than those described at the time of introduction, except where what:
• MCG is required to do so by legal imperatives;
• MCG obtains your consent to use your data;
• MCG notifies you in advance that the information you provide in a section of this
website will be published, referring to your name.
a) MCG Website
Any personal data you provide to MCG through its website will only be used to improve the services it offers you, including those from the perspective of marketing and communication actions. The same applies to any data collected following the sending of newsletters and/or
other internal and/or external communications to MCG. In summary, personal data will be collected essentially in the following cases:
• MCG newsletter subscription;
• Job or internship applications;
• Contact subscription/sending information through landing pages and/or form.
b) MCG facilities visit
In case of a visit to MCG’s facilities, the following information will be collected and processed:
• Full name, date of visit, area visited, company name, ID card number or other identification (such as passport), reason for the visit, time of entry and exit and, where appropriate, equipment you may carry.
MCG, in this specific case, collects and treats the personal data of its visitors to control the access to its premises for security reasons. Personal data are obtained directly from documents made available by visitors, retained for the period necessary for the purposes described in this policy, except as otherwise legally imposed another retention period. It stands out as examples of hypotheses for the definition of other retention periods the limitation and expiry intervals, legal proceedings and/or ongoing investigations/inspections of judicial entities.

4. Whose responsibility is the data processing?

The data will be processed by MCG, being the Company responsible for the processing of personal data, following the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation. MCG will process your data in the territory of the European Economic Area (EEA) at whereas no data
the transfer is foreseen outside the European Community or to any country that does not have an adequate level of protection.
In the specific case of personal data collected during visits to MCG’s premises, these may be accessed by MCG safety officers and may also be notified to subcontractors providing security services to MCG and processing the data according to MCG’s instructions and on their behalf, or any competent judicial authorities, if necessary, in the course of judicial proceedings.

5. Rights of data subjects

Data holders have the right to access, correct, add, update or delete their data contacting MCG through the following email address: Such requests will be dealt with as soon as possible. The User may also contact MCG through this email address to ask any questions related to this privacy policy.

6. Use of Cookies

To provide the user with a better service, MCG website uses cookies, ie small text files that are stored on the user’s hard disk by a page server to remind later certain information that only this server that installed it can read. This information is related to your preferences, not including,
as such, your data.
The use of cookies on the Internet is common, not harming the computers of users. These Cookies perform a variety of functions, including helping website owners understand how it is used, making it easier to navigate, saving your preferences, and generally improving your user
experience while also ensuring that your website shows you content relevant. In any case, you may limit or restrict the admission of cookies through your browser’s preferences.

7. Privacy Policy Changes

MCG may update this Privacy Policy, which is why we recommend you read it regularly to keep track of how the Company is managing the personal data that is collected.