Resource and Environmental Management

The commitment made by MCG to increase its energy efficiency indices, resulting in a consequent reduction of the environmental impact of its activities, has been reflected over time in very positive sustainability indicators.

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» Close to 25% of the total energy consumed at MCG comes from renewable sources, specifically from photovoltaic solar panels installed in various buildings and areas of the company’s facilities.

» MCG recycles 99.5% of the waste produced, allowing the company to reduce its ecological footprint by 37% since 2017.

» Self-sourced water capture meets 47% of MCG’s consumption needs and is used in production processes, irrigation of green spaces, filling fire protection network tanks, and supplying cleaning machines.

» Selective waste collection and recycling: according to the environmental management system certification, MCG carries out selective collection, separation, and recycling of all waste generated by its activities. Every year, 7,000 to 8,000 tons of metallic waste from MCG’s production activities are sent for recycling.

» Wastewater treatment: MCG has its team managing its Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant (ETARI), also hiring external services whenever additional maintenance is required. MCG treats over 7,000 liters of wastewater per year.

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