MCG projects in sustainable mobility

Thousands of components leave MCG every day for vehicles that use only ‘clean’ energy in their operation: trains, buses, and cars. We summarize these projects in the next few pages, starting with the manufacturing of parts for global platforms that include electric cars.

Suspension control arm ZF FAAR WE

Customer: ZF Chassis

This component is intended for a high-volume platform that also serves as the basis for several electric cars. A project that is representing a strong investment by MCG in engineering, specialized human resources, and robotic welding cells.

MCG projects in sustainable mobility MCG

Electric commercial vehicles PSA EK9

Customer: Stellantis

A set composed of several metallic components that also involves robotic welding in its production and engineering processes. At a series pace, this is a project that can reach 30,000 electric vehicles per year.

Porsche Taycan suspension component

Customer: Vibracoustics

A component that is part of an air suspension that integrates the structure of the 100% electric Porsche Taycan: the outer guide of the suspension bellows, in a development project and manufacturing of a product with high quality and reliability of supply.

MCG projects in sustainable mobility MCG