Together with laser cutting technology, punching is one of the foundations of the manufacture of complex and multi-component metal products that characterize the specialized activity of the MCG industry. It allows great flexibility in the shapes and quantities produced.

MCG presents as added value the possibility of working with a wide variety of materials and the ability to separate production lines, which allow easy segregation of stainless steel production, avoiding contamination.

Know-how and processes

The accumulated experience of MCG industry and the applied punching technologies allow to produce a wide range of metal parts, with speed, flexibility, maximum precision, and process reliability:

  • High-speed cutting features.
  • Reliable production.
  • Versatile training.
  • Optimal part quality.
  • Individual automation.


Machinery and equipment

  • Work area up to 3,000 x 500 mm.
  • Speed of 1,600 impacts per minute.
  • Maximum thickness of 8 mm.