Quality assurance

Quality assurance is one of MCG’s priorities in the development and production processes of all projects, in the company’s three business units, as guaranteed by the various certifications held by the company.

Therefore, MCG has a complete quality laboratory that meets strict requirements in the areas of measurement, welding, surface treatment tests, mechanical and calibration processes.


Destructive testing

  • Performing mechanical tests on various types of material.
  • Destructive testing of products in the process.
  • Microscopic characterization of weld beads using macro-contrast tests.


Non-destructive testing

  • Welding control by non-destructive means using state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment.


Know-how and processes

  • Quality control on the shop floor with means of quick control of product verification at critical points.
  • Measurement: 2D / 3D dimensional control with the availability of the latest generation media.
  • Quality assurance in certified welding.
  • Surface treatment tests: corrosion resistance tests according to the latest requirements for products with surface protection.
  • Mechanical and calibration processes.
  • Climatic tests (accelerated corrosion, saline fog chamber, saturated atmosphere).
  • Mechanical Test: Stress-Strain, Fatigue (2x).
  • Cutting samples for tests (mechanical tests) according to ISO standard: 6892-1.


Machinery and equipment

  • 3D CMM portable measuring machine.
  • 3D CMM measuring machine with PC-DMIS software (3x).
  • 2D CMM measuring machine.
  • 2D CMM measuring machine (profile).
  • Hardness testing machine.