Stamping is a technology common to all automotive industry projects at MCG, and is also the basis for manufacturing products such as transmission components, structural parts, chassis, suspension systems, and seating structures.

A technology based on cold transformation processes that allow a wide variety of shapes, for which application is determined by the type of part and size of each project.

Know-how and processes

MCG works with a wide variety of materials, from the most conventional ones like steel, stainless steel, and aluminium to the most complex ones with HSS steels or series 6 aluminium.

Thanks to an experienced production unit dedicated exclusively to the production of molds, MCG guarantees the in-house development of the entire project: from the design and production of the manufacturing means to the series production processes.

The various MCG automotive production units process more than 27,000 tons of raw material per year, relying on fully automated conveyors for scrap recovery with steel/aluminium segregation.


Machinery and equipment

The stamping processes at MCG are guaranteed by mechanical and hydraulic presses:

In automatic transfer: maximum 8 meters | 3,300 tons.
Progressive: maximum of 4.5 meters | 800 tons.