To manufacture better: because the future (also) counts…

Actions that are part of MCG’s daily production processes and that contribute to minimizing the impact of this industry’s activity on the environments in which it operates.

Energy self-sufficiency

Over 21% of the electricity consumed by MCG every year is produced by self photovoltaic solar panels. And half of the water consumed at MCG comes
from its own source, water that is used in production processes, green spaces’ irrigation, and supplying fire network deposits and cleaning machines.

To manufacture better: because the future (also) counts... MCG

Selective waste collection and recycling

As a result of its certification in the environmental management system, MCG carries out the selective collection, separation, and recycling of all waste generated by the company’s activity. 7,000 to 8,000 tons of metallic waste from MCG’s production activity are sent for recycling every year.

To manufacture better: because the future (also) counts... MCG

Wastewater treatment

MCG has its own team specialized in managing its WWTP, also hiring external services whenever wastewater treatment (and other related aspects) requires additional maintenance. MCG treats more than 7,000 liters of wastewater per year.

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