MCG – Manuel da Conceição Graça, Lda: 72 years of sustained activity

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MCG – Manuel da Conceição Graça today marks 72 years of existence and sustained activity in the Portuguese, European, and world industrial scene.

It was on March 30, 1950, that Manuel da Conceição Graça, founder of MCG, recorded the first activity that would result in the company we know today.

Sustaining a company’s activity for 72 years is certainly a greater challenge than many others. In the case of MCG, it started with the vision and perseverance of Manuel da Conceição Graça and continues with the family management of a structure in which each person counts.

We want to honor the past to secure the future. Not only for the business but for everything that supports it:

  • Ensure the safety of Employees, the most valuable asset of all, and contribute to the prosperity of their lives.
  • Support customers and add value to projects that promote innovation for sustainability.
  • Increase productivity levels so that all resources are used only to the extent they are needed.
  • Increase human potential so that we can have a more industrial and self-sufficient Europe.

This is MCG’s responsible way of doing business, and the recipe for so many decades of evolution. Because MCG’s activity only makes sense if people and the world are doing well.

Here is a special set of content that presents the increasingly sustainable day-to-day at MCG. For all.

MCG 72 Years: