7 March 2019

MCG automotive top technologies applied in the Volkswagen T-Roc Reinforcement – “C” Pillar project

The long experience in the production of metal-based assemblies and subsystems for the automotive industry is reflected by the several long-term relations that MCG automotive maintains with some of the world’s largest players in this market. The Reinforcement – “C” Pillar for the Volkswagen T-Roc platform is one of those and challenges MCG with the combination of leading production processes with advanced technologies in which the company has also become a specialist.


The development of this Reinforcement – “C” Pillar set for the automobile produced at AutoEuropa is based on 3,300-ton press stamping processes (using 6,500 mm transfer tools). The components are then transformed into a set by the action of robotized welding cells and other robots for structural reinforcement.


Are produced and assembled 29 references with advanced techniques of stamping, gluing, welding, screwing, riveting, galvanizing and painting, involving automatisms for all these processes. For the purpose are used four robotized welding cells and two other robots dedicated to the structural reinforcement processes.


This is a challenge in witch MCG automotive gives the best response and with absolute success, producing pieces for the assembly of 800 cars per day, a number that in 2021 will probably increase to 5.000 units by week.


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